Terror in NY: Not According to the Forum

The Fargo Forum article entitled, “Explosion reported in Manhattan; New York police say one person in custody” does not mention the words, terror, ISIS, Muslim, radical or hate once.  The story is sourced from the Washington Post, that source of fake news owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, at war with the Trump Administration.

Meanwhile, even the liberal NY Times used the words “terrorist attack”, published the suspect’s name and said the explosive vest he was wearing went off prematurely.

Fox News reported the incident as a terrorist attack, ISIS-inspired and identified the suspect as Bangladeshi.

I doubt the suspect, Akayed Ullah, was a radicalized Free Methodist or Catholic, with a chip on his shoulder.  Even if it turns out he is Muslim, he does not represent mainstream Islamic thought.  He represents a very dangerous radical element in our society that believes mass murder, in the form of terrorism, is acceptable.  That this element is typically Islamic is of great concern.

However, the problem accented today is the Washington Post and the Fargo Forum.  If both of those news sources want to be know as REAL news, not FAKE news, then report the ACTUAL news.

Behind every sentence in the Fargo Forum article there is the specter of what is lying underneath the rock that the Forum does not want to tell us.  The Forum does not want to tell us it was terrorism.  The Forum does not want to tell us it was inspired by the Islamic State In Syria (ISIS).  The Forum, one could guess, would have happily reported that John Smith, not Akayed Ullah, was the suspect.  But alas, John Smith was not blowing up things on Monday morning, Akayed Ullah was.

An honest, fact-laced description is necessary for a free people to make logical decisions.  One cannot seem to get that from some of our slanted media.  With accurate information, the American people can judge for themselves who, what and when things took place.  They can then consider why those things took place.  They can help shape public policy, intelligent responses and even elect people to represent them.

As the Washington Post continues is sad history of politicizing the news in favor of its owner’s agenda and away from anything President Trump would advocate (yes, it’s that bad at the Post), then we can dismiss the Post out of hand.  And with it, the Fargo Forum’s national and international coverage.

[ Note:  Since the above column was written, the Washington Post has updated its story to include the possible link to terrorism, mentions that the suspect is originally from Bangladesh and and that ISIS had some link to the bombing. ]


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