McFeely: Wrong on Trump and Republicans

In the Fargo Forum’s December 18, 2017 Mike McFeely column, “McFeely: Maybe N.D. Republicans not so wise to crawl in bed with Trump” we are left wondering if Mr. McFeely thinks before he types.  We know he is a liberal.  We know he hates the President and Republicans.  We’ve known for a long time that he likes to lie and misrepresent conservatives.  We also know that he barely, if at all, researches facts before typing.

For example, his opening sentence, “President Donald Trump characterized white supremacists as “very fine people,” urged people in Alabama to vote for a credibly accsed pedophile and continues to see the list of women accusing him of creepy behavior grow.”

I researched the phrase “very fine people” in relation to Donald Trump and could not find a single instance where Donald Trump characterized white supremacists as very fine people.  The closest I could get would be in relation to the protests and violence in Charlottesville where he stated, “You had some very fine people on both sides.” when speaking about those in favor of removing statues of southern Civil War heroes and those in favor of keeping those same statues.  He condemned the extremists on both sides of those protests while praising the peaceful, issue-based opponents of the debate.  In McFeely’s own words, ‘strike one’.

President Trump did encourage Alabama voters to vote for the Republican in the special election for US Senate.  As for that Republican candidate, Roy Moore, being a “credibly accused pedophile”, one can point to that inflammatory language as being politically expedient rather than fact-based.  It’s not as if Roy Moore has any history of such behavior or that the alleged behavior happened recently.  No, he has a clean criminal record and the charges stem from behavior alleged to have occurred about 40 years ago.  The woman making the accusation has admitted to lying about some very important parts of her story, i.e. the yearbook inscription.  She has offered no proof and the timing of her accusations coincided with a massively important election.

Strike two, by McFeely’s arithmetic and we aren’t even finished with the first sentence of his article.

“… and continues to see the list of women accusing him of creepy behavior grow.”  The only thing growing faster than this list is the list of Democrat congressmen resigning or retiring.  But I digress.  The list I’ve seen is three deep.  One is a former beauty pageant contestant whose sexual harassment claim is that Donald Trump looked at her wrong.  He didn’t touch her.  He didn’t proposition her.  He didn’t criticize the form-fitting swimsuit she was dressed in.  He didn’t even say a word to her.  How many times have we heard young siblings whine to mom and dad about the other looking at them the wrong way.  None of those resulted in jail time or a lawsuit.  A second accuser claimed Trump tried to molest her in the first class section of an airplane 40 years ago.  A witness claimed otherwise.  The third and final accuser claimed Donald forced a kiss on her when she was a receptionist in New York.  No proof was offered but the long ago incident was worth bringing up for some reason.  Did it happen?

Strike three.  And now we can move on to the second and following sentences in his article.

McFeely states that Trump and the Republicans have a “white nationalist platform”.  Should the Republicans respond that the Democrats have brokered a deal with the Communists for control of America?  According to McFeely and the Fargo Forum, Trump and the Republican National Committee have “… gone all-in on the decision to sell their souls”.

McFeely is far from being a nuanced, flaming liberal.  He is purposely an in-your-face flaming liberal much like Keith Olberman.  Both have something to say about sports in addition to ranting about conservatives.

Like Chelsea Handler trying to tie President Trump to the wildfires in California (huh?), Mike McFeely tries to tie local, pro-white activist Peter Tefft to Trump and the Republican party.

I was thinking of trying to link Mike McFeely to John Conyers, Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein, but I felt like my integrity would slip if I did.  Instead, I’ll just link Mike McFeely to himself as it appears sufficient.


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