Mike McFeely: Pot Head

Mike McFeely needs to come clean about his illegal drug use.  He appears to be a pot head based on his recent column, “McFeely: Please, N.D. voters, legalize recreational marijuana”.  I tried searching for a logical argument to the legalization of an addictive, harmful drug in his column but I did not fine one.  His principal argument is that he wants to enrage old, white men who form our elected legislative and executive branches in Bismarck.

If he had as much disdain for our legislature if they were Black, homosexual or women, he would have to refer to them in racist, sexist, ageist, and anti-homosexual terms rather than “shriveled”, “men” and, by inference, old, heterosexual and white.

That Mike can’t make a cogent argument for or against a topic based on merit is nothing new or unexpected.  That Mike can’t make the argument without denigrating an entire class of Americans is nothing new or unexpected.  That the Fargo Forum continues to waste ink and electrons on his brand of so-called journalism is no longer unexpected.  The Fargo Forum and its publishers are all too comfortable with this level of journalism vis a vis Jim Shaw, Jack Zaleski and Jane Ahlin.  It is interesting to note that the Fab Four of Jim, Jack, Jane and Mike are white, heterosexual and ultra-liberal.  Jane is the only woman and Mike is the only somewhat young person.  I sense a trend with the Forum publishers here.

Back to topic of recreational marijuana.  It should not be legalized.

Marijuana is not benign.  It is addictive.  It is bad for an individual’s health.  It is bad for our healthcare system in that it increases costs for everyone.  Wow, that is 3 big negative factors which should obviate its need to remain illegal.

Marijuana is not a total addictive substance, that is, it appears to be addictive in 10-20% of users.  It is more addictive when started as a youth.

Marijuana is bad for your health.  It is not just a short-term health issue.  It causes irreversible damage to the brain.  Great, we need more US citizens with brain damage.

Based on the two items above is it any surprise that increased marijuana use leads to higher healthcare costs?  Can we simply pass the healthcare costs on to users?  Do we do that with cigarette users?  No.  Do we do that with obese people?  No.  Suffice it to conclude that we won’t do it with marijuana users.  Life insurance companies will do it but not healthcare insurance companies.

The marijuana user will admonish us that alcohol is worse than marijuana use.  They have a point but they also miss the mark in several areas.  Moderate alcohol use has beneficial effects whereas moderate marijuana use has no such beneficial effect on the brain.   Moderate alcohol use reduces the risk of heart disease, possiblly reduces the risk of diabetes and possibly reduces the risk of ischemic stroke.

Marijuana use has some medicinal effect and should be prescribed as such.  As with opioids, narcotics, steroids and antibiotics, their use must be medically controlled.

“Recreational” marijuana is a term associated with exercise.  When I think of recreation I think of exercise, not smoking something that will harm my brain or become addictive.  For those that think recreational marijuana is a good idea, why not just skip marijuana and move on to recreational heroin?  You get the idea.


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