Concordia: Stifling Conservatism 101

Yesterday, the Fargo Forum reported on the 28-2 snub the Concordia Student Government Association (CSGA) gave to funding the $7,080 for bringing Ben Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire.  This, after voting 13-10 on November 30 to fund the speech being sponsored by the Concordia chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).  YAF is 57-year-old conservative youth organization founded by the late William F. Buckley, Jr.

Concordia is supposedly a Lutheran college.  From Concordia’s website:

We welcome students from a variety of backgrounds who seek to understand what it means to live in a global society and are passionate about making a difference in their communities.

The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society thoughtful and informed men and women dedicated to the Christian life.

Written more than 50 years ago, the Concordia College Mission Statement continues to be a guiding force that connects our past to our future.

In particular, the mission highlights our commitment to the Lutheran academic tradition shaped by Martin Luther’s convictions. These include:

  • freedom to search for truth, with nothing off limits for inquiry and critique.
  • education in the liberal arts as the best preparation for leadership.
  • excellence in all we do.
  • the engagement of faith and learning as a creative dialogue, where inquiry and scholarship enlighten religious life and faith practice enriches the educational experience.
  • intellectual humility in the face of the paradoxes and ambiguities of life.

The Lutheran theological tradition emphasizes that we are all called to serve our neighbor and care for creation in response to God’s love.

Martin Luther was a Catholic priest who was excommunicated.  He was silenced inside the Church but clearly his voice and opinions were heard and have been heard throughout history.

The CSGA has essentially silenced a strong voice of conservatism, the college students in the Concordia YAF.  They have been told their opinions are circumspect and not welcome on a college campus founded in history by a silenced religious rebel.  Apparently, the young PC liberals don’t agree with their own college’s mission statement, especially that troublesome part that reads, “freedom to search for truth, with nothing off limits for inquiry and critique”.

The adult leadership at Concordia has not intervened to date.  In fact, “More than 150 students and faculty filled Barry Auditorium for an hourlong discussion leading up to the vote that nullified a previous decision to fund the speaker.”

Then, the motion to rescind the funding had the PC-oozing, gobbledygook statement declaring that CSGA should be “dedicated to supporting its underrepresented and marginalized students and the greater goal of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Concordia.”


By definition, the underrepresented (YAF) just got the shaft.  The marginalized just became further marginalized.  Diversity of thought was squashed under the jackboot of an Antifa-esque vote of the CSGA.  Ben Shapiro and YAF will not be included at Concordia.

CSGA managed to violate the college mission statement and their liberalism in one vote.

Far from truly liberal, they stand for groupthink with no outside viewpoints allowed.  They seem to want to catch up to UC-Berkeley and those hoity-toity East Coast universities who are turning out unemployable liberal arts graduates who will be foot soldiers for George Soros, Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the far, far left wing of the Democrat party.

Perhaps a secular university like NDSU or M-State Moorhead can show Concordia how to act like Christians.

Lastly, Happy Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception.


Lock Her Up!

A popular calling card at candidate Donald Trump campaign stops was his oft-repeated “Lock her up!” cry.  People were enraged at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while conducting the people’s business as their Secretary.  Had her name been Noah instead of Clinton, I would be writing this column behind prison bars.

When Donald Trump became President he seemed to soften his stance towards his political opponents.  He seemed to take in the inauguration with a fair degree of humility and an olive branch to several Democrats, the Clintons, in particular.

Ever since Hillary came out of wandering in the forest and drinking wine, she has been on tour describing the dozens of reasons she lost the election, none of them blaming herself, her issue positions, her record, her campaign strategy, her debate performances or anything she might have done.  It was the Russians, the DNC, Bernie Sanders, bad internal polling, Trump’s lies, Obama, Mueller, Comey, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Jack Reacher.  She wrote a book entitled “How I Lost”.  Well, at least the book title seems to put same blame on herself.  My only response is a quote from a 17-year-old girl, “What-EVer.”

Because of that public post-election profile, President Trump has told her to ‘get over it’, ‘move on with your life’ and ‘double standard for Flynn and Hillary’.  It’s this last theme that bears attention because it is true and meaningful.

Michael Flynn is pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.  He did.  It was over a very small matter but he did.  That is a big reason why he was let go by President Trump after about 3 weeks as National Security Advisor.  He lied to VP Pence, made him look bad and then lied to the FBI.  Michael Flynn agreed to plead guilty to this lie in return for providing testimony against the Trump Administration, supposedly about the Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.  Only time will tell if there is anything of consequence to his testimony.  He might testify that nothing occurred.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton supposedly (a) illegally used a private email server she contracted for while Secretary of State, (b) lied about a videotape being the cause of the attack at Benghazi, where American diplomats were murdered, (c) reaped financial gain through various entities while she was Secretary of State, and (d) was directly responsible for the Uranium One deal with Russia which sold 80% of America’s uranium.

Why the Republicans in Congressional leadership don’t investigate Hillary Rodham Clinton on these and possible other matters confounds me.  There has been 8 years of corruption and bad policy prior to this President taking office.  Hillary was part of a big problem of entitlement by a class of Democrat politicians that profoundly changed America.  Our national debt increased by more than the debt of all previous Administrations COMBINED.  I won’t detail all the problems because the list would not fit in this column.

It seems that Republican Congressional leadership is more concerned about Roy Moore, a US Senate candidate in Alabama, than they are in the sexual escapades of Democrats already in Congress, in fueling the Mueller investigation of every Republican involved in the Trump Administration, in distancing themselves from President Trump and in ruining the GOP in the eyes of the electorate.

Get a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton on all the charges mentioned above.  The number of Democrats who will be caught up in that investigation will be enormous.  It will purify a portion of our government like the sexual harassment charges are doing to government, the Media, Hollywood and corporate America.

It is time for a purging of illegal and immoral behavior in our government.

Investigate Hillary Clinton and then, “Lock her up!”

Mike McFeely: Unsuitable for Children

We used to encourage children to read the newspaper as they got older, in an effort to show them how to stay informed of the greater, bigger world around them.  The same was true about television, if you can imagine a time when television was a G-rated guest in your home.  But let’s leave TV out of the story today.  The Fargo Forum is the story and Mike McFeely is the notorious star of the Forum’s front page story entitled, “McFeely: A man’s handy dandy guide to avoid sexually harassing women in the workplace“.

Here is a sampling of Mr. McFeely’s most pornographic prose as he describes the do’s and don’ts of office language:


ACCEPTABLE: “Let me get that door for you.”

UNACCEPTABLE: “Let me get that door for you so I can watch your butt after you walk through it.”


ACCEPTABLE: “Would you like a raise?”

UNACCEPTABLE: “If you have sex with me I’ll give you a raise.”


ACCEPTABLE: “Could you come over to my desk for a second? I want to show you the latest revenue projections.”

UNACCEPTABLE: “Could you come over to my desk for a second? I want to show you my genitals.”

ACCEPTABLE: “What’s your cell phone number? I may need to text you tonight if I have a question on the new account.”

UNACCEPTABLE: “What’s your cell phone number? I want to text you a picture of my crotch later tonight.”

ACCEPTABLE: “This is a stressful job. If you ever need a break, just let me know.”

UNACCEPTABLE: “This is a stressful job. If you ever want to fly to my condo in Florida and have sex for a few days, just let me know.”

ACCEPTABLE: “I really enjoy working with you.”

UNACCEPTABLE: “I really enjoy looking at your breasts.”

ACCEPTABLE: “Can I grab you some lunch?”

UNACCEPTABLE: “Can I grab you by the (anatomically specific area)?”

Thanks, Mike.  You’ve confirmed why my household hasn’t subscribed to the Fargo Forum for 10 years.  Thanks, Fargo Forum.  You publish this garbage and refer to it as journalism just because it has words and punctuation.

Let’s dispel the notion that the FF was trying to help us learn appropriate office behavior.  Which isn’t to say that this sort of lewd lingo is somehow the far edge of language or behavior.  We’ve all come to understand that much worse has gone on with Hollywood, the Media and the US Government.  Corporate America and even small business has the same issues.  For a time, the liberal elite was having fun exposing Fox News for lewd behavior and settled lawsuits.  Not so fast, it seems Fox News was the tip of the tip of a gigantic iceberg.

But back to the Fargo Forum and Mike McFeely.  McFeely’s point, it seems, is that obvious poor behavior by men will get them in trouble.  Men need not walk on egg shells in order to avoid a sexual harassment accusation.  And while my experience tells me that men are often the instigators of bad behavior it is certainly not the only direction it flows between the genders.  One need only look at the proliferation of female teachers being led off to jail for having sex with minor male children.

Remember less than a year ago when VP Mike Pence was being ridiculed for his supposedly Puritan practice of not having lunch alone with a female?  Mike Pence should be applauded, not ridiculed, for honoring his wife and his commitment to avoiding temptation!  While I think it is acceptable for a married man to have lunch with a woman who is not his wife, how many extramarital affairs and office romances have started off with an innocent lunch date.

McFeely could have taken the serious subject of bad office behavior seriously but he chose to write in stark, pornographic terms, making fun of men who seem to think their boundaries are so blurred that they can’t recognize good behavior from bad behavior.  A serious journalist would know how to treat an important subject.   A serious publisher would know what is appropriate to publish.  And a serious parent would know what to keep off of the breakfast table – which my wife and I will continue to do,

Semi-Radical Environmentalism Gone Wild!

The Fargo Forum Washington Post, or is it the Washington Post Fargo Forum, published a story today, “Patagonia’s billionaire owner says he plans to sue Trump“.  I assume from the headline that President Trump, not Donald Trump, is being sued.  After all, Donald Trump is only the man who, acting as President, did willfully commit a legal act and undid what President Obama, not Barack Obama, did in taking land and designating it as part of a National Monument.

Yvon Chouinard, the billionaire owner of Patgonia, has declared the US government under President Trump to be evil and must be fought.  This sounds awfully familiar to a despot running North Korea.

Mr. Chouinard, an environmental activist, is really ticked that President Trump (is President, really that’s what this is about) reversed Obama’s Executive Order putting aside federal land in to a National Monument.  “The President stole your land.” states the Patagonia website.  Wow, call the sheriff.

Whenever the left feels they are not getting their way, they make outrageous claims of such radical proportions about the motive and magnitude of the conservative action that you would think air had just been repealed and replaced with charcoal dust.  Tax reform starts to pass through Congress and suddenly claims of millions of Americans dying are made by the left, i.e. abortionists, radical feminists, environmental extremists, antifa, BLM, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the NAACP, etc.  Requiring a photo ID to vote and those same groups claim Republicans want to put Blacks back on plantations as slaves.  Requiring a parent’s knowledge of a minor’s abortion and the Republicans are continuing their so-called war on women.

I’m here to call him on this.  I’m also here to tell them to keep it up as it makes them look like the fools they truly are.

President Trump knows what he is doing.  With one common sense action, he can light a firecracker under the butts of ten million left wingers and send them in to a frenzy as bad as if that guy in North Korea had launched a nuke at San Francisco.  The common sense Americans see this and wonder out loud if they’ve ever met Americans as mentally unstable and liberal as the ones making the commotion about the President.

So, Yvon plans to sue Trump.  What he means is he will sue the federal government.  It just sounds so much better to say you’re suing the President.  Everyone hates Trump, right?  Wrong.  Many people have been browbeaten in to hiding their support for the President.  I support the President and am happy to say when I do and when I don’t.  The tweets used to bother me.  Some still do.  But I’m getting used to them and understand their usefulness and purpose.  The tweets express his beliefs while distracting the left while he does something else.  Everyone on the left thinks he lives with his phone in his hands – the tiny hands – and they could not be more incorrect.  It is the far left that lives on the POTUS’ twitter feed, ready to jump in to action.

Yvon can muscle some lawsuit if he wishes.  That should keep him busy spending money on a useless lawsuit that will never win.  He’ll be applauded by other enviro-wackos.  California and NY will still vote their electoral college votes to the D who is running.  Middle American will move further R and Donald Trump will win a second term, grow the party and probably pick up a couple more states in the next electoral college election.

Go, Yvon!